Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Use for Burlap

Last year I decided to do burlap runners for Christmas dinner.
I had no idea how much to buy so I went my usual route and bought way too much.
{The stuff was cheap and I didn't want to risk another trip back to Marshall's with Fiona.}

Well, since then I have been finding all these little uses for burlap.

Fiona's birthday banner.
burlap birthday banner

Jenna's shower gift.
burlap wrapping

Now, our newest addition to the stairway art.
burlap as art

burlap as art
These patches belonged to Jeff's Grandpa.
Heather {Jeff's Mom} brought them over a while back and I loved the way they looked.
Jeff and I both have a love for antiques and anything nostalgic.
We're the ones who get a call if there's an old piece of furniture up for grabs.
We love the look of these pieces.
Mostly though, we love the thought that our home is filled with pieces of the past.
Pieces of our families.

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