Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Remember how I told you about the garden I planted?
It was so beautiful.
It didn't last long.
At least I was honest with myself.  
I knew there was a good chance that it would be overrun with weeds and starved of proper watering.

I know myself too well.

Thanks to the rain, though, I did get a pathetic little harvest.
Even though it was barely enough to speak of, it still felt good to pick.

And of course we can always count on the plums.
By the end of August everyone in our house is sick of them.
If you like plums just come over in early September and you will most likely be sent home with a bag.
For now I will take comfort in what my friend Kim said while I was admiring her backyard.
"Cheryl, you're growing your kids now.  You'll have time for growing plants later."
Thanks Kim.
I'll try, try again next year.


What do you think I auto know?


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