Thursday, September 13, 2012

See You Next Week

We've got a busy day ahead.
Today we sign all the papers to lease the 3 pieces of equipment that we have been after.
We actually have to do this by conference call so we do it right.
This is serious folks!

When that's done it's time to pack.
I'm taking the kids to Toronto this weekend to visit my grandparents.
Fiona has met them but most of her interactions have been through Facetime.
Yes, you heard that right, my grandparents on Facetime.
{I'm so proud.}
This will, however, be Cedric's first visit.  
I'm feeling guilty that he hasn't met them in his first 6 months.
{Don't even get me started on Jeff's Papa who won't have the pleasure until almost 10 months.}

It's as my friend Amber said in her recent post.
 "You have to enjoy the time you have with loved ones and listen to their stories of when they were young and what things used to be like.
 It is our family tree and we need to preserve those branches that are starting to crack."

We need more time and travel points.

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