Friday, September 28, 2012

Paying Off

I just had to share this photo of Jeff and Jason hard at work.
Rockin' the PPG swag.
Shield Autobody Edmonton
We've been missing Daddy lately since he's been working many late nights.
I'm happy to say though that this was our biggest month yet.
We hit 150% of our old record.
It feels good to know that the changes we've made lately have paid off.
The best change we made was taking on Jason as a partner.
Now we need to solidify our staff so these guys don't have to work so many hours.

Jeff also sent me this photo of a recent paint job.
They painted this racing stripe in black matte.
It's even clear coated with a technique that keeps the matte look.
Black Matte Racing Stripe Shield Autobody Edmonton
Black Matte Racing Stripe Shield Autobody Edmonton
We're all taking a well-deserved weekend off. 
Have a great one!

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