Thursday, September 20, 2012

Now That's a Taping Job

We recently got in a cube van that needed some corrosion fixed.
I wanted to share not because of the actual fix.
I was just so blown away with the prep work that went into this job.

There's a reason I'm on the book end of this business.
I do not have the patience these guys do.
When I paint {walls} at home I don't prep despise prepping and do an awful job at it.

They got this done in 3 days.
{Even though it meant that 2 of them stayed until 9 and the other 2 until 11 Tuesday night.}
The entire thing needed to be masked, even the roof.
The second pic shows the paper door that they fashioned since the actual door had to be open for paint.
Prep job Shield Autobody

Prep job Shield Autobody
Paint was also an issue since this bad boy didn't fit into the booth.
Instead, two air lines and a portable duster were brought to the van.

The customer was impressed and happy.
Once again, that made all the work worthwhile.

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