Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Toronto Part 3: Challenges & Solutions

Challenge #1: Food
It's always a challenge to eat well on the road.
My solution:
{I did carry around a bag of rice cereal for Cedric and added banana when possible.}
Chocolate dipped
Challenge #2: Sleep
It's tough to know what sleeping arrangement is going to work.
Especially with 2 kids.
For night #1 Cedric was in the crib, this was a fail.
He has taken to doing a 180 in his sleep but kept getting stuck at 90 and hitting his head on the bars.
Having Fiona in the bed was also not great...
for me.
She is now accustomed to having a double bed so I was left with a sliver.
{FYI: We just put her in what we already had.  I assure you, we didn't buy our toddler a double bed.}
My solution:
 I decided to switch it up for night #2 and Fiona got a kick out of being in the crib, success.
Cedric happily slept beside me in the bed, double success.
The other part of the sleep challenge when in a hotel is setting bedtime.
My solution:
We just see no sense in expecting Fiona to go to sleep before we do.
On this trip Gram {my Mom} bought some books and apps for her ipad.
This was a huge hit with Fiona.
{The Peter Rabbit book on app is amazing for toddlers.}
It was a great wind down and kept her occupied until we all went to sleep.
Toddler on ipad
 Challenge #3: "Accidents"
I'm happy to say that I'm not talking about the toddler.
She pottied like a champ!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the little man.
If anything I blame the disposable diapers.
Every time I use them for travelling I get an up-the-back explosion.
What am I doing wrong?
This wasn't one of those explosions.
This was much...
This was an up-the-back-out-the-leg-in-the-shirt-down-the-pants-on-the-socks explosion.
But that's not all, no no, that's not all.
It was at a restaurant.
No problem, right? 
Just change him into the backup outfit that, as an experienced mother, you surely brought.
Mmm hmm, brilliant idea except, well...
Yep, didn't bring one.
It's in situations like this that I pull out my mantra.

Go with the flow.

I would like to take this opportunity to make a public apology to the people that had to witness this.

My solution: 
Wipe poop out of my son's clothes with paper towel, wash the pants in the sink and dry them in a hand dryer.
People have surprisingly little compassion for you while performing these acts.
I can't say I blame 'em.
 Challenge #4: Leaving Daddy at home.
We missed this guy so much.
In Fionglish: "Dad, I weawy miss you."
My solution:
Talk to him multiple times a day.
Lots of tickle time when we got back.
Preferably, take him with us next time.
tickle monster

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