Tuesday, September 11, 2012


A {much younger} friend of mine mentioned yesterday that she was getting behind on her acronyms.
She {laughingly} called herself old when she didn't know the meaning of TBH.
If she's old I must really be over the hill.

BTW {see what I did there}, why is "it's all downhill from here" a bad thing?
Most of us who train for running on hills would consider that phrase a pure positive.

Back to my original train of thought.
TBH: To be honest.
When someone starts a sentence this way I usually prepare for the worst.
It should be a good thing, honesty that is.
We want the truth, we say we want the truth but {as Jack pointed out} can we handle it?
Sometimes admitting something or putting it in writing makes it somehow more real.
When Jeff and I started talking about writing a blog we committed to telling the truth.
We wanted to give insight into our lives {struggles and all}.
Owning a business has been difficult, that's the truth.
Another truth is that Jeff has never been more satisfied by a job and that makes it all worthwhile.

I recently reconnected with a great friend, Rachel, from my Denver days.
She is, in her own words, the last person not on Facebook, so it was great to catch up.
She also said, I quote:
"Your blog is so honest and real though and I loved it.  I’m sure it must be stressful being a business owner.  I often think about that and how I’m just employed by someone.  But we are a small firm (only four of us) and so it keeps it more in the forefront of my mind what my bosses sacrifice to give me a job.  I am grateful for it every day."
Thanks Rach.
This is exactly what I was hoping to communicate.
As our business grows it can be tough on us.
We take pride though in the fact that we're providing jobs for others.
And adding more all the time.
To be honest, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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