Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adventures in Preserving: Can I?

I didn't think this day would come.
I always admired people who preserved their own food.
It looked hard.
It must be hard right?

Well turns out, it's not!
Canning is now on my list of Fall loves.
It was so satisfying to see my jars all lined up.
Even more satisfying was the praise from Hubby while eating spaghetti sauce with home-canned tomatoes.
These were the easiest as there were 2 ingredients.
I used these instructions and they turned out great.
I also loved Fiona's pleas for "Mowr pickle Mommy."
For these I used this recipe.
I made some Peach Jam with this recipe that I found on Pinterest.
I fell in love with Peach Jam when Diana gave me some last year.
I like it best when it's not too processed and there are chunks of peach.

The cherry on top?
Finally, I found something to do with all those plums.
The Plum Jam directions were from this site.
This was a great site for a lot of information.
I didn't really want as much info as they were giving but could see wanting this in the future if I start doing a lot more.

Canning was also great when you have a 6 month old starting solids.
I was able to process some fruit and veggies without the sugar to give to Cedric.

Now my family has some fresh tasting, preservative free food to enjoy.
Not to mention the mason jars look really great stacked in my pantry.

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